Video clips and Screenshots from the movie Hibakusha Our Life to Live.


Shizuko Abe, Hiroshima Atomic bomb survivor



Yasuhiko Taketa

Since he lost his mother and his best friend by the atomic bomb attack in Hiroshima, Mr.Taketa has felt deep resentment. But when he was standing on the Tinian Island runway where the Enola Gay took off in 1945, he realized that his feeling of hatred would never resolve the anguish he felt.



Korean atomic bomb survivors

Among the victims and survivors of 1945 Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb attack, many were Koreans who were living and working in Japan. 10 % of the victims was Koreans, but their existence and suffering were hardly recognized. Korean survivors has not received the medical treatment until 2003 (from the Japanese government), which Japanese survivors were entitled since 1959.



A Shinto Wedding in a park in Nagasaki, Aug., 9 1945. 11:03 AM

A small shinto wedding party near Ground Zero was vaporized instantly in the super heated air when Fat Man was dropped on Nagasaki.




Harada-san & Yoko Harada-san (hibakusha) and Yoko



Yoko Yoko


EIji & Yoko Eiji Nakanishi (hibakusha) and Yoko


Boy at peace festivalBoy at Hiroshima Peace Festival


Girl at peace festival Girl at Hiroshima Peace Festival

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